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What Google+ won’t do for Recruiters

Google + cannot replace RecruitAlliance!If you search the term "Google+" on your favorite search engine today, you're sure to find hundreds of articles and blog posts on the subject. Talent acquisition professionals and agency recruiters are buzzing with excitement over the fact Google+ is going to be the "messiah" of social media; connecting them to those illusive candidates to fill their most difficult-to-fill positions. While the social networks are a valuable sourcing tool for recruiting specialists, many of the highest caliber candidates may not be found using this method.

In its early stages, Google+ is available primarily for the individual user. For independent recruiters, it's essentially just another tool to have in your arsenal - but certainly not a "magic pill." Facebook currently has more than 300 million users worldwide.

Consider the fact that if we took all of the Facebook users and gave them their own island, that land mass would be the third largest country in the world. Therefore, most recruiters regularly access the "holy grail" of candidates via this more seasoned social network.

Google+ is like the "hot new restaurant" in town, that's having its Grand Opening. While it's new and fresh, everyone is checking it out. In the end, recruiters still have to know how to actually RECRUIT the best candidates, and make placements. Social media sites may cut down on initial sourcing time, but they certainly are not a complete solution.

One recruiting tool that saavy recruiters have been accessing since 2001 is RecruitAlliance. This web-based platform connects hiring companies with third-party agencies to create a win-win situation. To learn more, click here.

Is Your Internal Recruiting Process Turning-Off Top Candidates?

RecruitAlliance helps you reinvent your internal recruiting process.Every company has a unique internal recruiting process. Your company may utilize the latest technology that enables you to get your job offers out within days of interviews and appropriate candidate screening. Your competitor may have a lengthy hiring process that typically takes anywhere from 6 - 12 weeks. Who's do you think is going to land that ellusive "game-changing" candidate?

Human Resources/Recruitment managers and directors realize the impact "time to hire" has on their ability to attract top talent. Exceptional candidates have options--lots of them. If they're looking to make a career move and you're talking to him or her, you can't afford to drag your feet. Failure to act on a timely basis will lead to negative results on multiple levels for your company.

Organizations must find ways to stream-line their recruiting process today, or risk losing the best candidates to their competitors--ultimately jeopardizing their entire business.

RecruitAlliance offers a whole new way of managing your relationships with external recruiting agencies, and empowers your company to hire top talent faster than ever before. You sign in to your free account using the web-based platform, post requisitions for your preferred recruiting vendors, and they compete to refer you their very best, highly qualified candidates. No more spending unnecessary time on the phone with recruiter calls--they communicate with you through the RecruitAlliance Internet interface, and are immediately notified via email when you have a new search available to them.

In order to attract the highest-caliber candidates, your HR/Recruiting department has to reinvent itself and its flawed internal processes.  A simple change can go a long way to ensure your organization gets the winning candidate.

Developing a Best Practices Approach to Managing Third-Party Recruiter Relationships

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Best Practices. Standardized techniques, methods or processes that have proven themselves over time to accomplish given tasks

For years, best practice business processes have been credited with helping businesses improve efficiency and drive success. Just as is the case with businesses, corporate recruiters can improve efficiency and drive success by introducing a best practices approach to managing third-party recruiter relationships.


Third-party relationship management is an important and complex corporate recruiter responsibility. Ongoing communications, fee arrangements, contracts,  and more all need to be managed simultaneously - before, during and after the search. Managing these activities among multiple third-parties and multiple candidates is critical to success and a substantial corporate recruiting challenge.


Certainly there is a need for a standardized repeatable approach. However, can a "best practices" approach be implemented and will it improve efficiency and drive success in corporate recruiting?  


Best practice processes to be considered for third party recruiter relationship management, include:

1.  Communication

2.  Agreements

3.  Fee structures

4.  Job descriptions

5.  Job postings

6.  Feedback for candidate submissions

7.  Feedback from candidate interview

8.  Decisions on submitted candidate

9.  Tracking and reporting

Developing a best practices approach begins with identification, documentation and support - and ends with implementation. The following steps should be considered:

1.  Identify your processes

2.  Document a best practices approach

3.  Gain support internally

4.  Gain support from third-party recruiters

5.  Implement across the organization

Whether it is the terms and conditions of a recruiting agreement, the status of a submitted candidate, or feedback related to an interviewed candidate, a best practices approach to third party recruiter relationship management can be implemented.

Best practices. An approach that improves efficiency and drives success.


Recruiting Tips to Earn a Candidate’s Trust in 10 Minutes or Less

Recruiters should be committed to creating a quality candidate experience.The best active and passive candidates are inundated with communication from your competition in the staffing and recruiting industry. With all the "white noise" from sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, the major job boards, and via email, it becomes a necessity that top talent acquisition specialists focus on capturing the candidate's attention immediately; gaining their trust within the first 10 minutes of their first conversation.

How can agency recruiters create a true connection with the most highly regarded candidates in such a short amount of time?

Here are three tips to help you build solid rapport with job candidates fast, and make more placements this month.

1. Immediately differentiate yourself from other recruiters.
Don't just tell the candidate about an immediate opening--take the time to learn about his or her short-term goals, target employers, and immediate reasons for considering a change at this time. Your interest in the individual will be a refreshing change from what they routinely encounter when dealing with other staffing professionals.

2. Build loyalty by being loyal.
Take the time to explain how you work, and be available to the candidate when you say you'll be. Check in with him or her on a regular basis, to increase rapport and increase trust. How many recruiters do you know who reach out to a candidate, only to never be heard from again? Make the way you conduct business different, and candidates will believe in the service you provide.

3. Describe your commitment to creating a quality candidate experience.
If you don't explain the reasons and benefits for this person to work with you, they won't. Most likely, they'll work with other headhunters who reach out to them, and ultimately risk your potential placement.

Successful recruiters know they must be committed to building trust and loyalty from the very first interaction with the candidate to ensure a more positive experience for all parties involved.

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Manage Recruiting Agency Relationships with Ease

Manage your recruiting vendors more efficiently with RecruitAlliance.It's no secret that executive search firms and niche recruiting partners provide access to some of the most desirable and sought-after passive talent available. Managing a high number of relationships with outside recruitment vendors can be both expensive and time-consuming. Adding vendor management "modules" to your current applicant tracking system may be a possible consideration, but most of these solutions are not set-up to specifically address talent acquisition vendors, while enabling your team to fill jobs faster, manage costs and completely automate the process.

RecruitAlliance is the web-based recruiting platform no business should be without. Organizations can obtain their no-cost membership, and gain immediate access to an army of professional, vetted agencies and independent recruiters who are waiting to refer their best qualified candidates. The user-friendly interface empowers hiring managers and Human Resources representatives to quickly receive referrals for their most urgent and difficult-to-fill positions. Best of all, employer members set the fee they are willing to pay upon successful placement, and THEIR terms and conditions, while the recruiters on the site agree before ever submitting their matching candidates.

If you have an established group of recruiting agencies you prefer to utilize, it's easy to continue utilizing their services on the RecruitAlliance platform. When you become an employer member, the RA staff contacts your preferred recruiting vendors, and brings them on to the site. It's a completely care-free process that makes working with agencies easier and more efficient.

When you have a job your regular talent acquisition vendors cannot fill, you can quickly make your open position available to additional recruiters with ease. This way, your company can "cast a wider net," and find the perfect fit for the job.

To learn more about the RecruitAlliance solution, click here.

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