The Uneasy Relationship Between Corporate Recruiters and Third-Party Recruiters

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Corporate recruiters generally rely on trusted third-party recruiters to provide them with the best possible candidates to fill open positions. Ironically, the relationship between these two parties is often uneasy.

In an 'ideal' world, corporate recruiters provide third-party recruiters with detailed job requisitions containing pertinent, non-boilerplate, information, including: realistic salary targets, detailed "must-haves", and specific "knock-outs". Following candidate submission by third-party recruiters, feedback is provided in a timely fashion.

The 'ideal' agency recruiter fully understands the job requisition, thoroughly interviews and vets interested candidates, and submits only the most qualified candidates for a position. Once a candidate is accepted for consideration, the agency recruiter will: ask for and receive the hiring time frame, follow established protocol, work with the employer to craft an acceptable offer, and keep the candidate informed.

Sadly, many corporate recruiters abuse their agency recruiter relationships by failing to provide key information throughout the hiring process. Such as:

  1. Timely review and detailed feedback on submitted candidates

  2. Following a decision to hire a candidate, working with the agency partner to structure an offer that the candidate will accept

Ironically, agency recruiters abuse their corporate recruiter relationships as well, by following a course of action that reduces their chances of developing a long-term relationship. Such as:

  1. Re-posting requisitions on Job Boards, many of which have already been used by the employer

  2. Submitting unqualified candidates or candidates who have already been submitted by others

  3. Failing to follow established employer protocol

Corporate recruiter and agency recruiter relationships are important, complex, and occasionally adversarial. Both want the same outcome ... a placement or filled requisition. A wise corporate recruiter understands that third-party recruiter relationships relate directly to success or failure in filling open positions. A smart agency recruiter understands how to manage corporate relationships, submit only qualified candidates for consideration and maintain a long-term perspective.

Corporate recruiter and third-party recruiter relationships - A cornerstone for identifying qualified job candidates.


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