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The Five Characteristics of an Exceptional Recruiter

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Place more MPC's with RecruitAlliance.It seems that every time you power up your computer and access your email, you receive notifications of a new tool for recruiters to make your job easier. There are internet-based tools and recruiting software to assist you in sourcing, background screening, testing, interviewing, and all activities leading up to the placement. With all of the new technologies available to make your life easier in the world of talent acquisition, are you really making more money?

Exceptional recruitment professionals know what it takes to generate big billings. Let's talk about what it takes to be an exceptional recruiter, and how you can stop spinning your wheels and begin working "smarter."

Incorporate networking in your everyday activities. Powerful recruiting specialists don't punch a time-clock, and they never stop sourcing. Everyone they meet is a potential candidate, and they leverage those relationships on a regular basis.

Set time aside daily for social network building. LinkedIn and Facebook are just two of many powerful social networking sites recruiters regularly utilize. If you consider yourself an "old-fashioned" headhunter, it's time to embrace technology and get in the social media game.

Blogging for candidates. Are you attacking your recruiting gig from all angles? Maintaining a blog that offers valuable content for your target candidates is an excellent way to capture the interest and trust of your audience. Be sure to have a link to your career center or include instructions for potential candidates to forward their resume, and you'll increase your incoming resume volume consistently.

Continually develop your verbal communication skills. The writing is on the wall for agency recruiters. If you can't reach out and physically speak with your candidates in such a way that they WANT to work with you over your competition, you won't be able to compete in the marketplace. The recruiting component of your job will continue to be the differentiator that makes or breaks your success as an agency recruiter.

Focus on the money. Top recruiting professionals know they must focus on those searches that generate the highest billings. They choose NOT to work with clients seeking a discount opportunity. or who do not value the time and energy involved in an external agency's process. A higher number of larger fees equals a greater annual income--it's just that simple. One way recruiters can save time in their business development process is through RecruitAlliance. Employers post their fee-eligible jobs on the site, and recruiters can submit their matching candidates, without a time-consuming engagement process. It's a great way to get your MPC's in front of top hiring authorities you may not have an on-going relationship with. Recruiters interested in signing up for a complimentary month on RecruitAlliance, click here.

The Uneasy Relationship Between Corporate Recruiters and Third-Party Recruiters

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Corporate recruiters generally rely on trusted third-party recruiters to provide them with the best possible candidates to fill open positions. Ironically, the relationship between these two parties is often uneasy.

In an 'ideal' world, corporate recruiters provide third-party recruiters with detailed job requisitions containing pertinent, non-boilerplate, information, including: realistic salary targets, detailed "must-haves", and specific "knock-outs". Following candidate submission by third-party recruiters, feedback is provided in a timely fashion.

The 'ideal' agency recruiter fully understands the job requisition, thoroughly interviews and vets interested candidates, and submits only the most qualified candidates for a position. Once a candidate is accepted for consideration, the agency recruiter will: ask for and receive the hiring time frame, follow established protocol, work with the employer to craft an acceptable offer, and keep the candidate informed.

Sadly, many corporate recruiters abuse their agency recruiter relationships by failing to provide key information throughout the hiring process. Such as:

  1. Timely review and detailed feedback on submitted candidates

  2. Following a decision to hire a candidate, working with the agency partner to structure an offer that the candidate will accept

Ironically, agency recruiters abuse their corporate recruiter relationships as well, by following a course of action that reduces their chances of developing a long-term relationship. Such as:

  1. Re-posting requisitions on Job Boards, many of which have already been used by the employer

  2. Submitting unqualified candidates or candidates who have already been submitted by others

  3. Failing to follow established employer protocol

Corporate recruiter and agency recruiter relationships are important, complex, and occasionally adversarial. Both want the same outcome ... a placement or filled requisition. A wise corporate recruiter understands that third-party recruiter relationships relate directly to success or failure in filling open positions. A smart agency recruiter understands how to manage corporate relationships, submit only qualified candidates for consideration and maintain a long-term perspective.

Corporate recruiter and third-party recruiter relationships - A cornerstone for identifying qualified job candidates.

Increase Your Corporate Recruiting Process Efficiency

RecruitAlliance helps corporations save time and money in their recruitment process.As organizations look at emerging technologies for solutions to increase recruiting process efficiency and effectiveness, many talent acquisition directors are seeking options to improve quality candidate flow, decrease the length of the internal hiring process, improve communication with external staffing agencies, while most importantly, controlling costs.

Proactive recruiting directors realize that no software, computer application or social media website can possibly replace the old-fashioned professional headhunting service.

Is your company utilizing outside recruiting firms to fill your most difficult positions faster?

If you believe time is money, and you understand the value outside staffing agencies bring to your company, and in most cases, without any financial risk or obligation on your part--doesn't it seem "crazy," (for the lack of a better term) NOT to incorporate the services of external search firms?

RecruitAlliance is a solution that makes working with headhunters and staffing specialists nearly seamless. When you have an urgent search, simply post the job on their site, choose the fee you're willing to pay if (and only if) the agency refers the candidate you choose to hire, and get results.

Keep in mind that posting a job on RecruitAlliance is never something that is accessed by the candidate population. Only professional, vetted, third-party recruitment agencies who are members of the site will have the ability to work your requisitions. As an employer, the RecruitAlliance service is available to you at no additional cost, and you have the ability to work with some of the top performing agencies in the industry.

Implementing RecruitAlliance as part of your corporate recruiting strategy effectively and exponentially creates a more efficient internal talent acquisition strategy you can count on in today's ever changing business world.

Leverage split-partnerships more efficiently

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RecruitAlliance helps recruiters earn more money and build a bigger book of business.You've just received a call from your client, and they have a hot job opening that needed filled yesterday. You check your database, social networks, and realize this search is going to require additional effort above and beyond a typical search. You decide you will reach out to your recruiting colleagues, to see if they have a solid candidate who fits the bill. In an effort to save time, you send an email blast to those agency recruiters you have done splits with in the past.

Is there a better way to reach out to talent acquisition professionals interested in helping you fill your jobs, and make more placements this year?

How can you increase the quantity and quality of your split partner network, without taking your focus off your hottest job orders?

The answer is simple: RecruitAlliance. Helping third-party recruiters build a better business since 2001, RecruitAlliance is a powerful web-based platform that saves headhunters time and helps them earn more money. Members can quickly post their searches on the site, and connect with other recruitment professionals who have a viable candidate for the position.

Instead of making phone calls and sending emails to split-partners, simply log on to the site, post the specifics of the job order along with the details of the split, and receive real-time notifications of all candidate referrals.

Now you have the ability to multiply your efforts in minutes, with access to hundreds of vetted professional recruiters who just might have your clients' ideal candidate. You'll also successfully automate reaching out to split-partners; saving you time and money.

To learn more about all the ways you can utilize RecruitAlliance to build a stronger book of business, sign up today to check out the platform for yourself.

Recruiting Agency Fees: Finding a Balance between Value and Cost

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RecruitAlliance facilitates successful relationships with recruiting agencies.Your organization has utilized contingency recruiters for years. As budgets tighten, and more talent acquisition software/technologies flood the marketplace, you look for alternatives to high agency fees.

In truth, technology can never replace the human interaction that takes place to "recruit" a new hire. Certainly things like job boards, social media and innovative talent software help HR in their internal recruitment efforts. When human resources can't find and hire that high-caliber candidate to complete your team--headhunting agencies come to the rescue.

Tips to Maximize Value when working with Recruiting Agencies:

1. You get what you pay for. The agency has a top-notch candidate who fits the profile of your next executive. You are only willing to pay 15% of the first year's annual salary. Your competitor will not flinch at a 30% fee, because they know the candidate and the bottom-line impact he will make on their organization. Remember, you can't buy a Cadillac for the price of a Ford Fiesta.

2. Flat fees can surface "flat" candidates. For example, you have an opening for a mid-level professional who earns $55,000.00 per year. Your company sends the opening to their agency partners, at a flat fee of $5000.00. It is likely your agencies will not refer candidates, because you're asking them to reduce their average fee (20%) by more than 50%. In order to set-up a winning relationship with agency recruiters, you must compete with other employers.

3. Partner with RecruitAlliance to manage relationships more effectively. RecruitAlliance enables you to set the fee you're willing to pay, and manages your agency and candidate relationships at no cost. Employers who utilize third-party recruiters can post their most urgent positions, set the terms and conditions, and automate the entire process.

There is no doubt that software, job boards and social media can never replace the human interaction necessary to recruit top-talent.

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