Do you have the Traits of a Big-Biller?

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RecruitAlliance helps recruiters simplify the business development process.Are you a proactive headhunter who pulls out all the stops to find your next placement--or a "post and pray" recruiter? There's a distinct difference between those agency recruiters who are pulling in six-figures and others who focus on squeezing in 100 calls a day.  What differentiates these two types of talent acquisition professionals?

Here are the top five areas you can focus on in your recruiting practice, to quickly go from average to exceptional.

1.  Plan your day and work your plan. If you're going to the office without a distinct to-do list, you'll quickly find that everything and everyone around you will dictate what tasks you can accomplish between 8am and 5pm.  Gain control of your productivity, by taking the time to set planning objectives for each work day.

2.  Use effective time management techniques. Set-up a schedule for recruiting and marketing calls.  Stick to your scheduled start and end times, without fail.  Avoid checking email, with the exception of once in the morning and afternoon.

3.  Leverage technology. Every recruiter should take steps to automate their recruiting process.  Use an applicant tracking system for candidate management, set-up auto-responders for routine email tasks, and incorporate social media sourcing to uncover more passive candidates are just some of the basic ways Big-Billers keep technology working for them.

4.  Create new strategic partnerships. Working with split-partners is a method for locating more candidates to fill your open job orders.  Are you utilizing a business-development partner like RecruitAlliance, to increase your number of placements while saving you time cold-calling target employers?  Top recruiters understand the importance of working through people and using the tools available to them.

5.  Focus on results. As a recruiting specialist, the one item that dictates your paycheck is successful placements.  Daily send-outs are absolutely necessary in order for your candidate to be hired.  If you schedule send-outs every day you work, you'll get results.  Take the spotlight off those tasks that are non-income producing.

Big-Billers aren't doing any one thing to achieve success--they do everything that has a positive impact on their bottom-line.


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