Should LinkedIn Candidates be “Fee-Eligible” for Agency Recruiters?

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Let RecruitAlliance help you better manage your candidate flow.Your organization has urgent hiring needs that has your department struggling to meet production commitments; leaving your team over-worked, and very short on time.  As the hiring manager responsible for selecting the candidates for your open positions, you reach out to a handful of search partners whom you've had trusted relationships with over the years.  You begin receiving their candidate referrals, only to find each submission has a public profile on LinkedIn.  Your company already has access to these very same candidates through your own LinkedIn account. Should your company be legally bound to pay fees on candidates already accessible to you?

As social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn continue to grow for personal and business use, it is more likely your prospective employees will be active participants on these sites. As an employer, if you are unwilling to pay the recruiter's fee because the candidate is a member of a social networking website, make sure it is spelled out in your contingency agreement.

When it comes to questions of candidate ownership, RecruitAlliance time-stamps and dates each referral, so there will never be a question of which recruiter earned the fee. Employer members upload their terms and conditions on the platform, and the recruiters submitting candidates agree to those terms before they ever submit their first referral.

As social media takes a lead role in the world of recruiting, it's important to plan and determine how this venue will affect your contingency recruiting vendors now and in the future.

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