3 Agency Recruiting Tips to Grow Your Client Base

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The economic cycles that impact the staffing and recruiting industry can be stressful to any search professional.  Valued clients no longer hiring, smaller recruiting budgets and an influx of cancelled searches are certainly cause for concern.  Thankfully, hiring that had previously slowed for many organizations, has taken a turn in the right direction.  Here are some tips to help you recession-proof your recruiting business and grow; regardless of external circumstances.

1. Always have multiple contacts within any client organization. As recruiters, we tend to get comfortable with our "go-to" person, and stop working on relationships with other high-ranking decision-makers.  What happens if your contact is laid-off, or leaves the company?  Know all the big players within your client company, and get to know them professionally.  Never get complacent.

2.  Look for apparent trends in your specialty, and proactively diversify as necessary. For example, you're a Financial Advisor recruiter, and Wall Street is having a melt-down.  Hiring has come to a hard-stop, and it happened practically overnight.  You can't afford to wait-out the situation, or your family with starve. Be assertive, and begin recruiting in additional fields. RecruitAlliance enables search pros to quickly access job orders with companies in a variety of industries, without having to start from square one or to expand your opportunities within an organization you are currently working with.

3.  Align yourself with an organization like RecruitAlliance, and grow your client base more effectively and efficiently. Do you know of any recruiters who love to cold call?  It's part of the job, but it's not a task that you look forward to.  When you become a member of RecruitAlliance, you have the ability to connect with top companies who are hiring.  You submit qualified candidates to the employer through the state-of-the-art, web-based platform, and earn a fee when your referral is hired.  What is the value of your time spent on business development?

The last downturn should serve as a valuable lesson to agency recruiters; you must have alternate ways to continually grow your client base - and recession-proof your business.  Working as a recruiting and staffing representative is a personally enriching and financially rewarding experience--with RecruitAlliance in your corner.


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