Aligning with Results-Oriented Recruiting Agencies

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Job boards create interest in a position, how many of those resumes received are actually qualified applicants? It is essential for organizations to align themselves with qualified third party recruiters who can produce the right candidate on demand. How can a corporate talent acquisition leader increase their reach to quality agencies as needed, without spending countless hours interviewing and researching search firms who specialize in your field or industry? RecruitAlliance connects employers with contingency recruiters who are fully screened prior to approval on the platform. The vetting process includes a reference check, complete telephone interview, as well as length of business verification. When an employer posts a job on the site, recruiters receive notification of the new position. They can access the complete description, view the job specifications, and submit only those candidates who meet the minimum requirements. The staff at RecruitAlliance have set up specific safe-guards that prohibit external recruiters from submitting individuals who are not “on-target,” saving the recruiting/hiring authority time and money. Implementing a Cost-Saving Recruiting Strategy: One of the most challenging issues for talent acquisition leaders is implementing a new recruiting solution, once it's been identified. With RecruitAlliance, this is a stress-free process, that can be accomplished immediately. The steps to implementing the RecruitAlliance solution are: 1. Sign up for an employer account at 2. Sign in with your user name and password. 3. Post any and all jobs you would normally send to agency, or any especially difficult to fill positions your internal staff is struggling with. 4. Choose the fee you wish to pay for the referral of the winning candidate. 5. Webinar-based training is available for organizations who wish to participate, with on-going support. Once you've tried the platform, you'll discover just how easy it is to use. For organizations with multiple locations and internal recruiters, RecruitAlliance offers a full-enterprise roll-out.

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