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Do you have the Traits of a Big-Biller?

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RecruitAlliance helps recruiters simplify the business development process.Are you a proactive headhunter who pulls out all the stops to find your next placement--or a "post and pray" recruiter? There's a distinct difference between those agency recruiters who are pulling in six-figures and others who focus on squeezing in 100 calls a day.  What differentiates these two types of talent acquisition professionals?

Here are the top five areas you can focus on in your recruiting practice, to quickly go from average to exceptional.

1.  Plan your day and work your plan. If you're going to the office without a distinct to-do list, you'll quickly find that everything and everyone around you will dictate what tasks you can accomplish between 8am and 5pm.  Gain control of your productivity, by taking the time to set planning objectives for each work day.

2.  Use effective time management techniques. Set-up a schedule for recruiting and marketing calls.  Stick to your scheduled start and end times, without fail.  Avoid checking email, with the exception of once in the morning and afternoon.

3.  Leverage technology. Every recruiter should take steps to automate their recruiting process.  Use an applicant tracking system for candidate management, set-up auto-responders for routine email tasks, and incorporate social media sourcing to uncover more passive candidates are just some of the basic ways Big-Billers keep technology working for them.

4.  Create new strategic partnerships. Working with split-partners is a method for locating more candidates to fill your open job orders.  Are you utilizing a business-development partner like RecruitAlliance, to increase your number of placements while saving you time cold-calling target employers?  Top recruiters understand the importance of working through people and using the tools available to them.

5.  Focus on results. As a recruiting specialist, the one item that dictates your paycheck is successful placements.  Daily send-outs are absolutely necessary in order for your candidate to be hired.  If you schedule send-outs every day you work, you'll get results.  Take the spotlight off those tasks that are non-income producing.

Big-Billers aren't doing any one thing to achieve success--they do everything that has a positive impact on their bottom-line.

Should LinkedIn Candidates be “Fee-Eligible” for Agency Recruiters?

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Let RecruitAlliance help you better manage your candidate flow.Your organization has urgent hiring needs that has your department struggling to meet production commitments; leaving your team over-worked, and very short on time.  As the hiring manager responsible for selecting the candidates for your open positions, you reach out to a handful of search partners whom you've had trusted relationships with over the years.  You begin receiving their candidate referrals, only to find each submission has a public profile on LinkedIn.  Your company already has access to these very same candidates through your own LinkedIn account. Should your company be legally bound to pay fees on candidates already accessible to you?

As social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn continue to grow for personal and business use, it is more likely your prospective employees will be active participants on these sites. As an employer, if you are unwilling to pay the recruiter's fee because the candidate is a member of a social networking website, make sure it is spelled out in your contingency agreement.

When it comes to questions of candidate ownership, RecruitAlliance time-stamps and dates each referral, so there will never be a question of which recruiter earned the fee. Employer members upload their terms and conditions on the platform, and the recruiters submitting candidates agree to those terms before they ever submit their first referral.

As social media takes a lead role in the world of recruiting, it's important to plan and determine how this venue will affect your contingency recruiting vendors now and in the future.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject. You're invited to leave your comments below.

3 Agency Recruiting Tips to Grow Your Client Base

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RecruitAlliance is your strategic partner in recruiting!

The economic cycles that impact the staffing and recruiting industry can be stressful to any search professional.  Valued clients no longer hiring, smaller recruiting budgets and an influx of cancelled searches are certainly cause for concern.  Thankfully, hiring that had previously slowed for many organizations, has taken a turn in the right direction.  Here are some tips to help you recession-proof your recruiting business and grow; regardless of external circumstances.

1. Always have multiple contacts within any client organization. As recruiters, we tend to get comfortable with our "go-to" person, and stop working on relationships with other high-ranking decision-makers.  What happens if your contact is laid-off, or leaves the company?  Know all the big players within your client company, and get to know them professionally.  Never get complacent.

2.  Look for apparent trends in your specialty, and proactively diversify as necessary. For example, you're a Financial Advisor recruiter, and Wall Street is having a melt-down.  Hiring has come to a hard-stop, and it happened practically overnight.  You can't afford to wait-out the situation, or your family with starve. Be assertive, and begin recruiting in additional fields. RecruitAlliance enables search pros to quickly access job orders with companies in a variety of industries, without having to start from square one or to expand your opportunities within an organization you are currently working with.

3.  Align yourself with an organization like RecruitAlliance, and grow your client base more effectively and efficiently. Do you know of any recruiters who love to cold call?  It's part of the job, but it's not a task that you look forward to.  When you become a member of RecruitAlliance, you have the ability to connect with top companies who are hiring.  You submit qualified candidates to the employer through the state-of-the-art, web-based platform, and earn a fee when your referral is hired.  What is the value of your time spent on business development?

The last downturn should serve as a valuable lesson to agency recruiters; you must have alternate ways to continually grow your client base - and recession-proof your business.  Working as a recruiting and staffing representative is a personally enriching and financially rewarding experience--with RecruitAlliance in your corner.

Tools that enhance the recruitment process

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Unlike other professionals responsible for recruitment within your company, you see the need to evaluate new tools that shorten the talent acquisition cycle and make everyone's life a little easier.

As one of the hiring managers in your organization, you are constantly inundated with new tools to aide you in uncovering top talent.  New software, ATS add-ons, social media recruiting applications; it's truly enough to leave anyone in today's business world, overwhelmed.

What if there were a way for you to streamline the management of relationships with your third party recruiting agencies?  You know you spend time on the phone clarifying information, setting up interviews, giving updates, etc.  All this time away from your internal efforts makes using outside vendors labor-intensive, when it's supposed to make your life easier; resulting in a quick-hire.

RecruitAlliance is the premiere web-based platform that makes managing the recruiting process with third-party agencies seamless.  You just log in to your web-based account, post the jobs you want to want open to agencies, and headhunters compete to fill your requisitions.  The user friendly interface is simple to use, and external recruiters can easily communicate with you through the site.  Not only is it a more efficient way to manage the relationship, but it cuts down on interruptions in your work-flow.  By the way, there's no cost for employers to use it.

As new tools continue to emerge to help companies fill their jobs more quickly, it's important to keep in mind that there will never be a replacement for human-powered recruiting--those relationships with valued third-party recruitment agencies. Sure, other venues like social media and job boards may be a great place to extend your "employer brand," but they can't pick up the phone and interact with those high-level candidates your organization needs.  That will never happen.  RecruitAlliance empowers you to leverage your relationships with agency recruiters, to more effectively fill your most challenging positions with top talent.

Aligning with Results-Oriented Recruiting Agencies

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Job boards create interest in a position, how many of those resumes received are actually qualified applicants? It is essential for organizations to align themselves with qualified third party recruiters who can produce the right candidate on demand. How can a corporate talent acquisition leader increase their reach to quality agencies as needed, without spending countless hours interviewing and researching search firms who specialize in your field or industry? RecruitAlliance connects employers with contingency recruiters who are fully screened prior to approval on the platform. The vetting process includes a reference check, complete telephone interview, as well as length of business verification. When an employer posts a job on the site, recruiters receive notification of the new position. They can access the complete description, view the job specifications, and submit only those candidates who meet the minimum requirements. The staff at RecruitAlliance have set up specific safe-guards that prohibit external recruiters from submitting individuals who are not “on-target,” saving the recruiting/hiring authority time and money. Implementing a Cost-Saving Recruiting Strategy: One of the most challenging issues for talent acquisition leaders is implementing a new recruiting solution, once it's been identified. With RecruitAlliance, this is a stress-free process, that can be accomplished immediately. The steps to implementing the RecruitAlliance solution are: 1. Sign up for an employer account at 2. Sign in with your user name and password. 3. Post any and all jobs you would normally send to agency, or any especially difficult to fill positions your internal staff is struggling with. 4. Choose the fee you wish to pay for the referral of the winning candidate. 5. Webinar-based training is available for organizations who wish to participate, with on-going support. Once you've tried the platform, you'll discover just how easy it is to use. For organizations with multiple locations and internal recruiters, RecruitAlliance offers a full-enterprise roll-out.
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