The uneasy relationship between corporate recruiters and agency recruiters…..

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In an 'ideal' world corporate recruiters would provide a detailed job requisition with pertinent, not boiler plate information, including realistic salary targets, specific knock-outs or must- haves and then respond in a timely manner when a candidate is submitted. Conversely the agency recruiter would carefully read the job requirements and vet each interested candidate by thoroughly interviewing the candidate, and then only submit the very best of the lot, no more than 2 or 3. Once your candidate is accepted,  determine the time frame from the corporate recruiter as to next steps, keep you candidate in the loop and don't bug the corporate recruiter, until they do not live up to their end of the agreement. In reality too many corporate recruiters simply abuse the relationship they have with agency recruiters by not reviewing submissions quickly or at all. By not providing any feedback or very little the agency recruiter cannot refine their search.  In some cases the corporate recruiter receives the referral and THEN searches their resume data base to determine if the candidate is in it and then rejects the agency referral. Agency recruiters can be just as bad; re-posting the job requisition verbatim all over the net and then submitting any candidate who looks reasonably qualified to the employer, hoping against hope that one of the submissions may make it through. The relationship between the corporate recruiter and agency recruiter is complex but should not be viewed as adversarial. Both want the same conclusion, a placement or filled requisition. A wise corporate recruiter knows that a good agency partner will be there, when needed to help fill a critical position; and a smart agency recruiter will understand that corporate recruiters have a lot on their plate besides feeling requisitions. Their job source candidates not active and to shoulder the responsibility of thoroughly qualifying candidates BEFORE they are submitted and then work within the parameters set by the corporate partner.

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