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Recruit Smarter in 2011

As talent acquisition professionals begin to prepare for 2011, the Executive Job Creation Index (EJCI) held positive for the ninth consecutive month, and the latest quarterly Boyden Executive Outlook has revealed increases in upper management hiring activity in several industry sectors (See Source 1). Anticipating the need for quality talent over the next year, the question many recruiting directors are asking themselves is how to effectively manage and/or reduce costs. The goal remains to attract the most qualified candidates in the marketplace. How does an organization meet the challenge of today's quest for top talent, without exceeding the budget?

Leverage Technology:

Recruiting leaders survive in a business climate where there seems to be an endless array of computer programs, web-based resources, and ATS platforms designed to make the recruitment process easier. In fact, many technology options offered today are cost prohibitive and difficult to master. Training a team of recruiters to utilize these tools can present an even greater challenge.

RecruitAlliance offers a no-cost recruiter and candidate management platform that is changing the way companies uncover high-caliber talent. Whether the technology is implemented for a single-user, or across the entire internal recruiting department, users can seamlessly post their jobs to their preferred search agencies and receive targeted candidates. When preferred vendors do not perform quickly, the job can easily be made available to all external recruiter members, for a quick hire.

For employers who regularly utilize the services of third party recruiters, the RecruitAlliance technology enables them to have their positions out to agency with the click of a mouse. As qualified candidates are submitted, the organization is immediately alerted. Provide instructions to recruiters, arrange for interviews, and perform the essential operations of the hiring process with ease. RecruitAlliance empowers talent acquisition leaders to succeed, with no additional costs.
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