Efficiently uncover top talent during the holidays

RecruitAlliance 2.0 is the perfect place to uncover top talent during the holidays.

The time between Thanksgiving and the first of the new year is traditionally challenging for recruiters. Prior to transitioning to a new role, candidates may prefer to remain in their present position or even take time-off while the kids are on winter break. For candidates who are looking for an immediate position, hiring companies often have budgetary constraints or they may not have the manpower for on-boarding, due to the increase of employee vacations during this time period.

As a recruiter, it's imperative to engage your candidates, so they are ready, willing and able to start at the right time, for all parties involved.

Here are 3 tips to uncover top talent during the holidays, while focusing on creating a positive candidate experience.

1. Begin your recruiting calls earlier. During the busy month of December, many candidates leave the office earlier for holiday parties, family commitments, PTO, etc. Catch them first thing in the morning, and you have a better chance of scheduling a phone interview. For those candidates you plan to move forward in the hiring process after the holidays, and early morning "check-in" call is the perfect time to stay connected.

2. Leverage SMS messaging (with candidate's permission), to stay in touch. Texting is a great way to send a quick reminder or check to see if it's a good time for a call. In today's mobile society, every recruiter should be obtaining their candidates' cell phone as early as possible in the relationship.

3. Snail mail is the new "competitive advantage" for recruiters, during the holidays. A great way to keep your valued candidates engaged this time of year is by sending a holiday card to his or her home. Consider including a small calendar or other personalized item, so your candidate will have quick-access to your contact information after the holidays.

Uncovering top talent during the holidays presents unique challenges, because it's such a busy time of the year for everyone. By making a few, common sense changes in your current workflow, you can keep your prized candidates engaged and ready to transition to their new position as soon as possible.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: RecruitAlliance releases the new, improved version 2.0

No Comments »Written on November 26th, 2012 by Christina Archer
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Announcing the arrival of RecruitAlliance 2.0!  New, improved, with more functionality.

With the release of version 2.0 of the RecruitAlliance (RA) platform, hiring companies can look forward to accessing more top talent while increasing overall recruitment efficiency. This cloud-based recruitment platform was released on 11/17/2012, and the new version offers a clean, sleek design, coupled with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Since 2001, RecruitAlliance has helped employers and recruitment vendors successfully collaborate to fill over 17,000 critical job requisitions!

Some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies are using RA across their enterprises – reducing their spend, while increasing their overall efficiency. Some of the new features of Version 2.0 include:

~ the ability to track and keep internal notes of referred and external candidates
~ automatic fee calculation upon hire
~ snapshot of where every referred candidate is in the hiring process
~ a simple, one-page posting form that makes posting all fee-eligible requisitions to preferred vendors absolutely seamless
~ the RA platform is accessible across the internal recruitment team, and automatically logs the last activity; ensuring everyone is on the same page
~ updated release saves hiring organizations more time and gains greater overall recruiting effectiveness
~ employers control their relationships with third-party recruiters and the need for RFP is eliminated
~ employers who receive recruiter calls can easily refer those agencies to work on their open requisitions, directly through the RA platform with one click

Some of the benefits of joining and implementing RA across your enterprise include having a merit-based open market platform where recruiters can earn your business based on their performance, without having to cold-call your organization. Regular subscribers keep 100% of their fees and based on performance earn opportunities for exclusive and premium assignments.

Based in Stuart, Florida, RecruitAlliance has been facilitating quality relationships between hiring companies and recruiting agencies with their powerful communications and recruitment portal since 2001.

To learn more about RecruitAlliance 2.0, schedule a web-based demo by visiting http://www.RecruitAlliance.com.

How to find the right recruiting agency to fill the job

Let RecruitAlliance connect your organization to recruitment agencies who produce results.

Depending on the size of your organization, your open requisition count may fluctuate from relatively low numbers into the hundreds at any given time. Effective management of your internal recruiting teams' req load can often require the assistance of a quality contingency recruitment firm.

How do you select the right third-party staffing company to efficiently increase your candidate pipelines, without wasting your time vetting outside vendors and haggling over fees and terms?

RecruitAlliance, the comprehensive recruitment communications platform, offers solutions to save your hiring company time and money. Serving as a powerful portal that connects vetted agencies with fee eligible requisitions, employers simply post their positions available to agency – and agencies submit their qualified candidates who meet all of the criteria set-fourth in your posting. Participating agencies agree, in advance to the terms and fees your company sets, so there's never any last minute fee negotiations.

Regardless of the number of recruiting solutions that continue to come to market, third-party recruiting agencies continue to be the number one source of top talent for most organizations. No software, social media, or email can replace the human interaction and connections that are created with external recruitment specialists.

To schedule a complimentary demo of the RecruitAlliance solution, visit http://www.RecruitAlliance.com.

LinkedIn – What’s new for Corporate and Contingency Recruiters

RecruitAlliance accomplishes recruitment results, where LinkedIn cannot!You may think you know all of the functions and features LinkedIn has to offer. Like Google, LinkedIn is involved in the race to remain competitive with all of the other sourcing tools available on the web today. There have been some new developments in the past week, and our article this week will serve as a resource for recruiters from a variety of backgrounds who rely on LinkedIn as one of their primary sourcing tools.

For hiring companies and human resources departments who require the expertise of third-party recruiters for their toughest searches - RecruitAlliance is a free recruiting tool that connects qualified staffing and recruiting agencies with you - to meet your toughest recruiting challenges at your price, and on your terms. To learn more, visit the RecruitAlliance home page.

Check out the news from this week with LinkedIn:

LinkedIn launched a few new tools and tinkered around with some existing ones at this week’s 2,000+ person event in Las Vegas. But that’s not all we walked away with from the user-group conference, including this: Read 14 Things we learned at the LinkedIn Conference.

Over the last two years, LinkedIn has used its fast-growing user conference to roll out products that have become such a part of the daily life of LinkedIn-o-philes that we barely remember when they didn’t exist. The idea of pushing really targeted jobs to passive job-seekers was highlighted in 2010. Read more about LinkedIn’s New Tools Measure Brand Power, and Get Your Job Listings Moved Up Top.

LinkedIn still has many flaws, but even with them, the power of the portal in the recruiting field is unmistakable. If you are a corporate recruiter and you are looking for a database or source that includes a large percentage of passive prospects, LinkedIn is simply alone at the top. Read more about the 20 Reasons Why LinkedIn Will Be the #1 Recruiting Portal of the Future.

In the past few weeks, LinkedIn has announced a doubling of revenue, acquired SlideShare, and crossed the 100-million-user mark. Facebook, meanwhile, had its much-anticipated IPO, which fell far short of optimistic expectations. Read more about Facebook Vs. LinkedIn: A Look Back.

LinkedIn has served as an exceptional tool for corporate and contingency recruiter for many years. RecruitAlliance has served the recruiting community as a liason between hiring organizations and third-party recruiters since 2001. Have you evaluated RecruitAlliance yet? The perfect time is now.....

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Does the next Presidential election determine the future of the recruiting industry?

RecruitAlliance makes recruiting easy - in any economy!

If you listen to the opinions of your local and national news programs and media outlets, you already know the public perception on the matter. If you look back in history, recruiting ebbs and flows with the economic cycles; but the need to acquire top talent has never left the "marketplace."

Headhunters and third-party recruiters (TPRs) have created high billings in a variety of economic conditions. Having the ability to change direction and evolve to meet the needs of your clients' has always been the requirement that ensures success for recruiters.

Since 2001, RecruitAlliance is the website that has been connecting quality organizations with professional recruitment agencies. Companies simply sign on to the platform to post their fee eligible positions, and recruiters receive an immediate notification of your talent needs. They compete to fill your jobs quickly and efficiently.

RecruitAlliance accomplishes a task that few companies can deliver - they facilitate quality relationships between recruiters and hiring companies - instead of being that middleman who holds recruiters hostage for a hefty percentage of their commission.

Learn how implementing RecruitAlliance across your company will:
~reduce costs
~eliminate RFP process
~put an end to fee negotiations
~save time
~create quality connections with well-networked recruitment professionals
~reduce your time-to-fill while increasing your ROI

This November will likely be a historic election. While the Presidential race will determine the direction the country moves forward, there will continue to be a drive to obtain the highest quality talent within growth oriented companies and organizations in the U.S. To learn more about how to join RecruitAlliance, visit www.RecruitAlliance.com.

Third-party recruiters: Beef up billings and increase client-base in minutes

Let RecruitAlliance help you increase your billings today.Are you spending tons of time on business development for your recruiting or staffing agency? Do you work independently, and strive to increase your earning potential immediately?

Every time you check your email or search the internet, there's another new tool available that promises to help you work less and earn more. While technology has certainly changed the way talent acquisition professionals work, the influx of new solutions leaves one feeling overwhelmed, and unable to differentiate whether the ROI is positive.

One recruiting tool that has been in place since 2001 and has provided proven success to agencies and third-party recruiters (TPRs) across the nation is RecruitAlliance. RecruitAlliance is a website that facilitates quality relationships between hiring organizations and TPRs. It's a powerful communications portal that provides real-time reporting on all of your candidate referrals, while minimizing the time spent on successfully obtaining feedback from your client. Unlike other recruiting platforms, RecruitAlliance strives to create a collaborative relationship between hiring company and agency - RecruitAlliance never takes a piece of your recruiter fees earned.

Imagine the power of placing one additional candidate per month, without focusing on additional business development or making heavy marketing calls. Imagine removing contract negotiation out of the equation, and knowing up-front what the client is willing to pay for your candidate. RecruitAlliance can positively impact your recruiting and staffing business beginning today!

You're invited to test drive the RecruitAlliance platform today. Learn what recruitment specialists love about this tool, and how they leverage it to work with some of the most prestigious organizations across the country. To learn more about how you can make 2012 your biggest billing year, visit http://www.RecruitAlliance.com.

Implementing the best passive sourcing plan for your organization

Let Recruitalliance improve the quality of your organization's talent!

In spite of the disappointing numbers provided by the U.S. Department of Labor earlier this week, forward-thinking companies are continually looking for the best tools and resources to improve the quality of their workforce. Designing and implementing a quality passive sourcing plan is the key to differentiate your company from the competition.

What's the best approach to success in passive sourcing and recruiting? How can your HR team create a pipeline of passive candidates in the most efficient manner? Let's take a look at three expert opinions:

Recruiting industry trainer, Lou Adler believes if you want to accelerate your passive recruiting efforts and believe your company is in a talent scarcity situation for most critical positions while raising the level of talent, you should consider implementing a 20/20/60 plan. Read more.....

Maureen Sharib, telephone sourcing trainer and owner of TechTrak, Inc. states approaching passive candidates requires a completely different approach by recruiters. Read more about Maureen's approach to engaging passive candidates over the phone.

Scott Love, recruiter trainer and public speaker articulates his belief that a long list of passive candidates is useless if you don't know how to engage them on the phone. Learn his methods for moving the "fence-sitting" candidate from hesitant to hired. Read more....

One proven tool that will increase quickly increase your passive candidate flow while giving you more control over the recruitment process is RecruitAlliance (RA). RA is a website that connects organizations with third-party recruiters to effectively fill your most challenging requisitions with top talent. There's never a cost for employers to become members, and this resources is an excellent way to leverage external recruiting resources without increasing costs. To learn more or receive a personal demo, click here.

What’s new in talent acqusition: August 2012

RecruitAlliance helps recruiters move beyond social media recruiting, and connect with clients who have hiring needs today.This is a busy week in the news; Tropical Storm Isaac is churning just south of Florida and headed for landfall within a couple of days, the Republican National Convention will be convening, and America lost "the first man on the moon," - Neil Armstrong.

For corporate recruiters, staffing specialists and third-party talent acquisition professionals, the summer has had an influx of new tools, techniques and ideas to help recruitment professionals excel in their jobs. Here's the Recruitment News Review: August 2012.

The Latest Social Media Stats for 2012
...we researched a majority of the popular social media sites and online channels to provide a list of the most recent stats we could find. Think mobile isn’t growing? There are more iPhones sold in a day than there are babies born! Most of these stats were collected over the past 2-3 weeks so should be recent. Read more....

Rapportive: The free email tool that helps you know your contacts
For recruiters who regularly use Gmail, this is an excellent way to know what's going on with your contacts - before you send them that next communication.

You can immediately see what people look like, where they're based, and what they do. You can establish rapport by mentioning shared interests. You can grow your network by connecting on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. And you can record thoughts for later by leaving notes. Read more....

Job Change Alerts: Always know the right time to reach out to your candidates

Receive a daily email that keeps you up to date on your network's job transitions, promotions and birthdays. This is another complimentary service designed to help you stay in touch with business acquaintances, grow your network, and automate the research needed to do so. Read more.....

OFCCP clarifies the rules of Internet hiring
You know the four criteria for defining an Internet applicant are:

An expression of interest (as in sending in an application);
Meets the basic qualifications (education, years of experience, geography, etc.);
You “considered” the individual for a job;
The person never withdraws from consideration.
Here's the clarification that make it easier to know what records to keep, and who's responsible for them. Read more....

RecruitAlliance; powerful business development tool for recruiting professionals.
Do you spend 50% or more of your day on building your book of business? Become a member of RecruitAlliance, and focus on uncovering top talent for your clients. It's a communications portal where recruiters submit their matching candidates that completely eliminates the need to negotiate contracts and fees. Best of all, you'll see where your submitted candidates are in the hiring process, every step of the way. To sign up for a free trial, click here.

Are headhunters and recruiting agencies becoming extinct?

RecruitAlliance connects employers with recruiters who specialize in their niche.Is your company currently utilizing the services of a recruiting agency, staffing service or headhunter to fill your "tough-to-fill" requisitions? Does a magic bullet exist that makes hiring retained search firms or contingency recruitment providers obsolete? Has the value of having the key roles within your organization completely dissolved?

Any company who hires a large number of employees understands the unique value that a recruitment solutions provider delivers to their bottom line. Let's face it - just because employers have more access to candidates through resume databases and social media than ever before doesn't mean their HR and internal recruitment team have the ability to attract and recruit top talent.

Here are three important reasons headhunters and recruiting agencies will not disappear, like the dinosaurs:

1. Software, social media, and advanced sourcing strategies find candidates - but can't recruit them. The internet has given all companies and human resources departments with great access to focused candidate pools, but the challenge lies in attracting them. Third-party recruiters have connections and extended networks that give them a large edge over corporate recruiters and employers, as a whole.

2. External recruiters are specialists in selling the value of working in your company. Your internal recruiters and HR representatives most likely are responsible for a large number of requisitions across a broad spectrum of positions. They primarily process candidates; not source and recruit them. Headhunters focus on strategic relationships and filling jobs within your given niche. They don't generally use job boards to uncover talent, so they're engaging an entirely different candidate pool than your internal counterparts.

3. Perm recruitment specialists can save employers time and money. Are you going to pay 20% - 30% of the candidate's first year annual salary when you hire the candidate presented by the external recruiter? Yes; but when you're looking at filling a requisition that your internal team hasn't been able to fill in the last 6 months or more, and that directly affects your company's profitability, it's time to call in the specialists.

Are you looking for a way to connect with high quality recruiting agencies, search firms and staffing specialists who specialize in your industry? Sign-up today for a complimentary employer membership with RecruitAlliance. To learn more, visit http://www.RecruitAlliance.com.

Attracting top talent: How valuable is it to your organization?

RecruitAlliance puts your organization in the driver's seat to find top talent.Imagine if you went out to purchase a car. You know you want to have a fully loaded luxury car, with all the bells and whistles. Top quality, high performance are key in your decision. You locate and pick out your perfect vision of a vehicle, and when it's time to pay, the sales person tells you the cost. Keep in mind, this is exactly what you want and need in terms of your original goals and parameters.

Finding the right candidate to position your organization for growth, profitability and success is much like buying a luxury car. It's a long-term investment. Yes, you're going to pay more initially, but over time, this is the investment that doesn't depreciate and that keeps your organization running like a well-oiled machine.

Companies and candidates want to get the best value for their investment. High caliber candidates feel they invest their time and sweat-equity in building you a better organization. These aren't people who respond to a job board postings, or even become active applicants through your ATS. These are key players who have the ability to make your organization great, or make your competition superior.

When you're company is ready to hire top talent, it's time to log in to RecruitAlliance. RecruitAlliance is a website that connects hiring companies with third party recruiters who specialize in finding top talent within your industry. Membership to this cloud-based recruitment solution is free, and it eliminates the necessity for any RFP process, fee negotiations, or unwanted communications from recruiters.

Just how valuable is exceptional talent to your company? If you don't hire the best for key positions, your competition will.

To learn more about the RecruitAlliance platform as a viable tool for your business, visit http://www.RecruitAlliance.com.