The Best of 2014: The Top Recruiting Take-Aways and Lessons

It's hard to believe that 2014 is coming to a close, and in less than a couple of weeks, we'll be ringing in the new year....with many new resolutions and goals to accomplish!

If you're a premium LinkedIn member, like most recruiters--get ready for a change to your InMail capability. If you aren't familiar with InMails, it's LinkedIn's private messaging system that allows members to contact individuals outside of their network. Each premium membership level comes with a certain number of monthly InMails. Previously, when you sent an InMail and did not receive a response, LinkedIn would credit you back one InMail after one week. This was an excellent way to reach targeted prospects, with relatively low-risk. In 2015, the new policy changes everything. Now, instead of receiving your InMail credit when the prospect does not respond, you will only be credited when the prospect replies to your message. Read more.

Speaking of LinkedIn, there is tons of advice and best practice tips available on the internet to make the most of this popular social network. Sometimes, along with knowing all the right things to do, it can be just as valuable to know what NOT to do on LinkedIn. Here are 5 LinkedIn Best Practices that simply don't work.

2014 was the year we saw more corporate recruiting teams tasked with the job of building an end-to-end talent brand. With the ever increasing role social media plays in the recruitment process, the best talent acquisition professionals work with marketing departments to regularly broaden the brand and attract top talent. Learn more about The 9 Hottest Trends in Corporate Recruiting.

Over the course of last year, many in the staffing and recruiting industry saw their clients of many years, implement an organization-wide, Vendor Management System. This technology assists the client in managing their relationships with third-party vendors, and poises them to maintain greater control over the hiring process with external search experts. While some recruiters get a little squemish at the thought of losing access to their valued client, 2014 shows us that agencies and employers can both be more successful if they embrace and leverage these systems, to their fullest extent. For the recruitment agency, the solution empowers them to refer their best candidates without the need to cold call, and we know that time is money. RecruitAlliance is one solution that unites employers and recruiting professionals to fill more jobs than ever before. Read more and see how RA can explode your billings in 2015.

Do you feel you've learned any important lessons in 2014, and have you starting making your resolutions for the new year? Here are 3 Easy Yet Powerful Resolutions everyone should consider adding to their list.

Happy Holidays and here's to a successful and rewarding New Year!

Network Your Way to Better Recruiting Results

The divide between an okay and a great recruiter is not as vast as you might believe. We all know the value of networking, as it relates to our talent acquisition business processes. What can you do to enhance your results, and increase your billings? Today, we're going to explore ways you can network more effectively and achieve your personal desired results.

Following up is a crucial part of networking, and yet we don’t do it well. How many times have you come across an old email with a missed opportunity within? t’s easy to get overwhelmed and let following up fall through the cracks. In Calendars are your networking secret weapon, you'll take a look at just how important effectively managing your calendar can be to your networking efforts, and the best way to stay organized to maximize success. Read more.

In today's highly visible social media world, you are likely to network with prospective clients and candidates who will share their experience with their on line followers. The new component of networking that simply didn't exist in previous years is learning how to counteract negativity about your recruiting agency, while learning how to turn around the situation quickly and professionally. In 5 Tips for Responding Positively to Negative Online Comments you'll learn just how important your responses are to your networking efforts, and how to deal with this sometimes overwhelming task. Read more.

Experienced recruiters understand the importance of planning, as it relates to their ability to attain their goals in the shortest amount of time. Strategic planning of networking activities requires the same level of preparation to ensure progress. In 5 Steps for Structuring an Ideal Work Day, you'll gain a better understanding of how to best structure your day to achieve the greatest productivity. Read more.

Some of the most outstanding recruiters in the business are those who take a comprehensive approach to networking on a daily basis. In How to Power Up Your Networking Skills,you'll receive the top 10 tips used by some of the best in the business.

Whether you're a newbie in the field or a seasoned search professional, there's never been a better time begin perfecting your essential networking skills!

Team Recruiting: How to Hire Talent Acquisition Professionals who Meet their Targets

If you speak with any recruiting agency owner, nearly all are tired of 'the revolving door' associated with finding and hiring a staff who can hit their placement goals. Staffing and recruiting is a sales role, and it's tough to find individuals who can get past the routine consistent rejection, routine cold calls, and the pressure to produce.

What can agency owner's do, to create a working environment to ensure recruiters can be their very best? How can you make your search firm more attractive to prospective personnel than your competition? In Six Things Recruiters Want, you'll see that creating a positive and desirable working environment doesn't always boil down to compensation. Read more.

Have you ever considered avoiding the pitfalls of hiring a recruiting team, and utilizing split partners to accomplish your goals? We've all heard about the pros and cons of working as part of a split network--but what if you could experience only the positives, and begin making more placements right away? Imagine no payroll, no additional office expenses, and the ability to fill more of your clients' jobs, faster. In The Split Networking Strategy: Happy Clients, Content Candidates, and Increased Billings, you'll see how splits can exponentially increase your business by simply adjusting the way your agency currently conducts business. Read more.

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your recruiters, what incentives do you offer or programs do you have in place to motivate the team? Earlier, we talked about the fact compensation isn't the number one driver for search professionals to join your firm, but it can certainly be used as a tool to increase billings. In Raise the Grade on Recruitment Performance with Quarterly Incentives, you'll see exactly how apply the right pressure, at the right time--and create the results you're looking for. Read more.

Are you running a "bricks and mortar" recruiting agency, or have you joined the ranks of many to become a part of the virtual business revolution? When you compare and contrast the expenses of remaining in an office environment versus working from home, you can quickly see the reasons operating a virtual agency is so attractive. In Making Virtual Teams Work: Ten Basic Principles, you'll discover how to set yourself up for success virtually, and create a winning game plan for your agency. Read more.

Make Cold Calling Fun Again, and What Recruiters can Learn from a Leading Fast-Food Company

Have you ever met a Recruiter or Account Manager who thought cold calling was a blast? The typical, visceral reaction to picking up the phone and calling someone you've never met and haven't spoken with before can be stressful and even overwhelming. The good news is the process of marketing candidates to some of the top Fortune 500 companies and small-medium size organizations doesn't have to include the cold calling component--with RecruitAlliance. If you're looking for tips to help you face your fears and become a phone sales aficionado, take a look at Cold Calling Can be Fun. This article highlights eight simple practices you can quickly incorporate, to help you turn cold calling into a pleasure.

Every recruiter loves to uncover top talent for companies who take a fresh approach to business and offer an exceptional culture to professionally thrive in. In the staffing and recruitment industry, our goal is to serve our clients from the trusted-advisor approach; effectively offering quality advice and implementing talent acquisition strategies that attract high-caliber candidates. One fast-food Mexican grill is serving up a lot more than hot, fresh burritos on the menu--Since 2006, Chipotle has grown from 500 to 1,600 outlets, employing 45,000 and achieving $327 million in net income. In 4 Things Recruiters can Learn from Chipotle, you'll see how this forward-thinking organization meets its recruiting challenges, using four proven techniques. Read more.

As things slow down in the last Quarter for recruiters, it's important to ramp up your marketing efforts to end the year strong and maintain that level at the beginning of the new year. In 10 Marketing Hacks You Can Do Before the End of the Year, you'll discover that marketing doesn't need to be a costly expense, and these quick fixes can have a giant impact on the bottom-line. Read more.

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Recruiting Agency Advice: 3 Tips to Take the Holiday Months from Slow – to Stellar!

It's that time of the year again.....from Thanksgiving until the beginning of the New Year, business in the world of staffing and recruiting always seems to come to a screeching halt. Clients work on a skeleton crew, so decision-makers aren't readily available to meet candidates. Recruiting budgets may be tapped until the next calendar year. Candidates who were very serious about making the right move, are suddenly MIA (missing in action). The pressure to increase billings has not decreased, but your chances of successfully filling a job have significantly turned against you.

What do you do to meet your search firm's business objectives, and assure you generate enough fees to pay your own bills during these trying months?

Here are 3 tips to assure you finish the fourth quarter strong, and have more fee-eligible jobs to fill than you ever thought possible!

1. Sign up for a complimentary, 30 day Vendor trial on RecruitAlliance. What is RecruitAlliance, you ask? RecruitAlliance creates a win-win relationship in the cloud for Employers and Vendors, leveraging the power of the Internet to optimize your mutual best interest. For Recruiters, RA provides a means to expand their client base and boost their earnings based on their success filling job orders, without having to make cold-calls. Once your membership is activated, you simply sign in, locate job orders that match your area of expertise, and submit qualified candidates. Client members will review your submission, provide feedback, and move your candidate(s) through the process. Here's the good news! There's no need to request engagement, obtain permission, or jump through hoops to submit candidates for open requisitions.

2. Leverage the power of Split Networking to exponentially increase your billings. Every recruiter has heard horror stories of split placements gone wrong. It's the nature of the business, right? Not any more! With SplitAlliance, powered by RecruitAlliance, Vendor members can rest assured that every split job posting and every split candidate referral is tracked, date and time-stamped, in a secure/safe cloud-based environment. No more social media splits, where you're working with unscrupulous partners who aren't necessarily who they claim to be. SplitAlliance is for the serious Split Placement partner who sees the value placing more candidates, and filling more jobs. (Interested in learning how to explode your billings with split networking? Download this educational and informative White Paper.....

    The Split Job Networking Strategy: Happy Clients, Content Candidates, and Increased Billings.)

3. Focus on creating a culture of quality communication with every candidate you represent. If you've been working with a candidate who is very serious about making a job change, make it a point to connect through a variety of methods during the holidays. Leave a voicemail, send an email, leverage text messaging, and even send a LinkedIn group or Inmail message. Focus on how you've identified a job that they have identified as something they want to be notified about. If there's a pending interview you're attempting to schedule, use all of these methods. Remember, vetting your candidates up front eliminates these issues over the holidays. A good candidate will tell you, "If I don't make a change before mid-November, don't reach out until January 1st of the new year. A truly strong, most placable candidate will tell you, "Call me when the right job comes available, and I'll do whatever it takes to make the interview." Candidate control may be a myth, but connecting with your candidates and understanding their needs is critical to managing everyones' expectations.

The journey of making more placements during the holiday months is simple, but not necessarily easy for many Recruiters. It requires adopting a new system, called RecruitAlliance, leveraging a quality split network, like SplitAlliance, and consistently communicating with your candidates. Are you ready to increase your billings?

Grow Your Agency: 5 Tips to Recruit Recruiters

Are you contemplating hiring one or more recruiters to build your team? When you ask most owners/managers how they can quickly boost their billings and increase profits for their agency, the conversation quickly turns to recruiting recruiters. What are the winning qualities to identify in recruiter candidates? Is there a magic formula that will ensure success, versus costing you a fortune in payroll?

Here are five qualities to look for when interviewing and qualifying new recruiters for your agency.

1. Does your candidate clearly display a positive attitude and solid people skills? The world of staffing and recruitment is a people business. One of the first and most important items for an owner to establish is whether or not their candidate can effectively communicate with all types of people. Does he or she display emotional maturity that will facilitate business relationships with executives in the field your firm specializes in? Does the prospective recruiter come across as someone you'd be friends with, or do they have a negative demeanor? If you leave the interview with any doubt in your mind on these questions, you reconsider hiring this individual.

2. Previous sales experience should always be a requirement. Corporate recruiters are essentially an extension of HR, and that's a different animal. In a search or staffing firm, having experience with 'a sales process', understanding metrics, and conversion creates a solid foundation to attain success. Since many agency recruiting jobs include a small base salary plus commission, or are 100% straight commission, it's imperative to only consider those individuals who understand the competitive and time-sensitive nature of running a full-desk.

3. Has your prospective recruiter ever worked on the phone? Since nearly 95% of an agency recruiter's time is spent cold-calling, screening and interviewing, making follow-ups, and marketing candidates by phone, it makes sense that an owner/manager should look for candidates with previous phone sales or phone customer service experience. While it's possible to train recruiters to work effectively on the phone, it can take some time to bring him/her up to speed. Phone experience goes a long way in determining the potential success of "the desk."

4. Does your candidate possess intermediate computer skills across basic business applications, and can they conduct research on the Internet? Since we're in the technological age, it may seem rare that there are candidates who aren't computer saavy. Even if you have a recruiting candidate who was previously a top performer in sales, has extensive experience on the phone, and great people skills--if they can't accurately access and input data in your ATS or reformat a C.V. in Microsoft Office, you'll have performance issues. To ensure your prospective recruiters can adequately use the computer for their job, many agencies opt to do pre-employment skills testing. Whether you own a small, boutique agency or a large firm, evaluating your candidates' skills up-front, is a wise investment.

5. Establish the fact your candidate is money-motivated. Let's face it--recruiting can be a tough business. If your candidate is not impacted by the amount of money they can make in this industry, it would be easy to walk away from your company. During the interview process, determine what motivates this person. Learn how your potential recruiter defines 'a win', and see if that fits your definition. Look at this individual's past earnings, and analyze whether your job aligns with what this person has earned previously. Ideally, it's best to locate candidates who get excited by generating high billings, but also enjoy helping their candidates change their lives, with a great new job.

You can grow your agency without hiring a recruiter-employee or contractor. SplitAlliance, powered by RecruitAlliance, is a split job network that helps search and staffing firms build their business, without the investment of hiring employees or contractors. The process is simple, effective, and safe:

1. Sign up for a membership on SplitAlliance.
2. Post all of the jobs you're not filling internally, and upload your split fee agreement.
3. Other recruiter members will begin referring their candidates to you for your evaluation and feedback.
4. If/when a split partner's candidate is hired by your client, you pay the agreed upon split fee.
5. Repeat the process over and over. All activity is tracked and managed, so you remove the potential of disputes or issues.

Sourcing, identifying, and hiring recruiters for your agency can be a challenging task. Knowing the traits necessary to be successful in the talent acquisition industry can help firm owners on-board the most qualified individuals, who will ultimately aide in the mission of increasing profits, over the long-term.

OFCCP Update: How it Affects Your Third-Party Recruiting Strategy


Is your organization aware of the recent changes made to OFCCP laws, and the level of impact it can create? Have you implemented a strategy to ensure your company reaches and maintains compliance, to prevent potential audits and fines? Do you have a system of checks and balances in place, to ensure your third-party recruiting vendors are documenting their searches per OFCCP guidelines?

Download - OFCCP Update:  How it Affects Your Third-Party Recruiting Strategy

This document will provide you with critical information on the following:

~ Learn the OFCCP's Internet Application Rule.

~ Gain an understanding of the impact of this rule on your organization's recruitment process.

~ Examine RA as a solution to ensure OFCCP compliance, while mitigating risk.

~ Gain access to additional Employer Resources, including links to the updated OFCCP manual from The Department of Labor.

This powerful White Paper will show you how to avoid potential audits, penalties, and fines for non-compliance.

To receive your complimentary download now, click here.

Did you know RA's solution can help you build a stronger candidate pipeline (both permanent and contract), expand your organization's Diversity strategy, eliminate the RFP process, ensure uniformity of contracts, and effectively control third-party recruitment costs?  Visit our website, or contact us to learn more.

The Split Job Networking Strategy: Happy Clients, Content Candidates, and Increased Billings

SplitAlliance - Build a Better Network!

As an independent or agency recruiter, do you regularly engage in split placements?  If you aren't, you could potentially be leaving thousands of dollars on the table annually. How can you start leveraging this powerful recruiting technique, and quickly explode your revenue?

Download The Split Job Networking Strategy:  Happy Clients, Content Candidates, and Increased Billings.

This powerful White Paper focuses on providing you with the essential information you need to implement split networking into your current business strategy.  Gain a better understanding of how this critical strategy can work for your business, such as:

~ What is split networking, and how does it really work?

~ Learn the pros and cons of split partnerships, and understand how to properly qualify potential partners before working together.

~ Should 'splits' be an occasional occurrence, or part of a long-term business strategy, to maximize your billings?

~ How you can achieve transparency through tracking, and implement your own split networking strategy in less than 24 hours.

Whether you're new to staffing and recruitment, or a seasoned veteran of the trade--you can't afford to miss out on this valuable White Paper.

Download The Split Job Networking Strategy:  Happy Clients, Content Candidates, and Increased Billings - today!

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Passive Candidate Search: Beginning Boolean Techniques

Passive Candidate Search - Beginning Boolean TechniquesHave you ever worked with an exceptional Sourcer, who can literally uncover lists of qualified, passive candidates in a very short amount of time?  Do you have to pay hundreds of dollars per month for subscription-based services that provide you with the very same information you could easily obtain, if you knew Boolean?  Have you always wanted to learn how to conduct Boolean search, but just never had enough time to get started?

SplitAlliance, powered by RA, would like to invite you to download our latest, complimentary White Paper.

Download - Passive Candidate Search:  Beginning Boolean Techniques today.

If you have not used this powerful search technique previously, this is the perfect place to start.  When you download this compelling document, you'll learn:

~ What is Boolean search, and how can recruiters effectively use it to identify passive candidates.

~ Which search engines are best for use with Boolean, and what are the differences between them when conducting a search.

~ Success tips, tricks, and best practices for the beginning Boolean user - with 'Plug and Search'

If you've always wanted to learn Boolean search techniques, this White Paper will give you the foundation you need to grow as a Search Professional.  In coming weeks, we'll also be offering an Intermediate and Advanced report.

Download - Passive Candidate Search:  Beginning Boolean Techniques today.

Did you know that SplitAlliance, powered by RecruitAlliance, not only facilitates split placement between recruiters...but also connects you to full-fee eligible job orders, posted by clients?  Stop cold calling companies to market your best candidates, and submit them directly to some of the top companies from around the world.  Visit our website, or contact us to learn more.

Candidate Marketing Tips – 3 Simple Steps to Create More Business for Your Recruiting Agency

Regardless of whether the economy is down or on the upswing, understanding how to market your most placable candidate(s) or MPCs, is one key driver of revenue for any staffing and recruiting agency. How can you identify the right candidate to market, and what steps can you take to get them placed in the shortest amount of time? How can marketing your MPCs lead to increased business for your entire firm, and place you ahead of your competitors?

Here are three easy steps to ensure your candidate marketing efforts lead to an expanded bottom-line.

1. Identify your most placable candidates using a very strict set of guidelines, and obtain their buy-in. It's critical the individual you spend time 'pitching' to prospective and current clients has been thoroughly vetted and understands you will be actively selling them to the 10 - 20 companies the two of you have mutually identified as target employers. It's your job to have on-going communication with this candidate, to assure he/she continues to be on-board with the process. Remember, your MPC is almost always a passive candidate you've uncovered, who has an exceptional background and experience-level. Put together your candidate marketing plan promptly, and begin calling target companies immediately, or you risk losing a potential placement.

2. Research, identify, and know who you're marketing your candidate to. It has happened before - recruiters attempt to present their MPC to someone other than the hiring manager or other designated decision maker, thinking this may expedite the process. If you're talking with someone who can't pull the trigger on the hire, or contribute undue influence on the process, you're likely wasting your time. If you haven't identified who the actual hiring authority is spend some time on the phone calling in to each target organization. Gatekeepers, operators, and administrative assistants can be an excellent source of information. Get creative. Leveraging on line tools like LinkedIn, Hoovers, or ZoomInfo can quickly provide additional information before making the presentation call.

3. Prepare before you present. Write down a suitable candidate marketing script, and spend time practicing before you make the first call. Create your script around gaining the hiring manager's attention, eliminating spontaneous rejection, and quickly cultivating a mutually beneficial conversation.

Submit your most placable candidates for full-fee jobs with some of the top companies across the country. To learn more or get started, visit

Candidate marketing, when done according to these suggestions, ensures you'll make more placements on a regular and consistent basis. This not only impacts the bottom line of your agency, but serves to enhance your firm's reputation. When you deliver exceptional talent to any entity through your consistent marketing efforts, you're not only increasing your revenue and value in the industry--you're creating a culture of satisfied clients and candidates.